AML screening software

Identify AML risks before they harm your business

Get to know customers and detect high-risk users with AML screening and ongoing monitoring against global watchlists, sanctions, PEPs and adverse media

Comply with AML regulations

Meet global and local requirements even in the most strict jurisdictions.

Protect your reputation

Prevent financial crimes and increase trust in your company.

Decrease manual workload

Automate AML screening processes to save time and scale faster.

AML monitoring of all required sources

With real-time data, you get deeper insights on customers to make better-informed decisions

Detect and restrict persons on sanctions & watchlists

We screen your customers against 1000+ global watchlists and 100+ sanctions lists, including OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT and more.

Pay attention to politically exposed persons (PEPs)

We identify PEPs by checking 7,000+ sources and providing you with their profiles, including information on family members and close associates.

Analyze adverse media

We monitor thousands of media sources for negative mentions and aggregate the data into customer profiles for easy review.

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Clyde Zorgvol
Clyde Zorgvol

Deputy Group Head of Compliance of

In such a rapidly changing world, it is important to continuously carry out the necessary scrutiny on existing clients. Thanks to Sumsub's wide integration with internationally renowned service providers, we can immediately respond to changes within the various regulatory frameworks, e.g. amendments in sanctions and/or politically exposed persons lists. This guarantees that our business is constantly operating in line with local and international laws and regulations.

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  • What is AML screening?

    AML screening checks customers using multiple types of sources (sanctions, PEPs lists, etc.) to ensure they’re absent from sanctions lists, not involved in money laundering/financial crime, and generally trustworthy. To optimize the screening process, companies use automated AML screening and scoring solutions to decrease manual workload and speed up user checks.

  • What does AML software do?

    AML screening software runs automated customer checks across global watchlists, sanctions, PEPs and adverse media. This allows obliged businesses to detect high-risk persons and stay compliant with AML regulations. Automation allows companies to speed up the screening process and easily stay up to date with any changes made to AML watchlists.

  • What is an AML watchlist?

    An AML watchlist is a database of known or suspected terrorists, money launderers, frauds, PEPs, and other high-risk or compromised persons. Such lists are used by regulated entities to run identity checks of customers as part of AML requirements. To reduce manual workload and stay notified on any changes made to watchlists, businesses often use AML watchlist screening solutions.

  • What are sanction checks?

    Sanctions checks allow AML-regulated businesses to get alerts in case customers are mentioned on any global sanction lists. These lists include individuals, businesses or even countries that are involved in in criminal or terrorist activity. The most popular global sanctions lists are OFAC, UN, EU, and HMT.

  • How is sanctions screening done?

    Sanctions screening is the process of checking customers through sanctions databases as part of AML regulations. This allows businesses to prevent financial crimes by detecting persons who are high-risk or compromised. To automate this process, companies use sanction screening software that allows them to save time and be notified of updates in sanction lists.