Travel rule

A Сrypto Travel Rule solution you can rely on

Meet FATF Recommendations for crypto with a fully compliant solution tailored to leading financial institutions and VASPs

Stay AML compliant

Meet FATF Recommendations with ease

Mitigate risks

Make sure your platform isn’t used for money laundering

Build a solid reputation

Establish trusted relationships with partners and regulators

Why is being compliant important?

The Crypto Travel Rule (FATF Recommendation #16) requires VASPs to obtain, hold and transmit required originator and beneficiary information, immediately and securely, when conducting VA (Virtual Asset) transfers, therefore helping to prevent criminal and terrorist misuse.

Who is affected

All VASPs and financial institutions that provide transfer of VA (Virtual Asset).

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Ace the Travel Rule with our solution

Stay AML compliant in jurisdictions enforcing Travel Rule regulations, meeting all mandatory requirements. Our compliance experts are ready to help you stay on top of every jurisdiction.

  • Detect VASP-to-VASP payments
  • Identify the receiving VASP
  • Detect account type
  • Check for sanctions, watchlists and adverse media

How our Travel Rule solution works

Automate data exchange on participants in transactions with other providers, including their names, wallet addresses, and more

Control your risk management process

With Sumsub KYT in the same dashboard, you can set rules to automate transactions with counterparties that meet your internal risk criteria. Perform risk analysis and easily generate reports.

Comply securely

Rely on Sumsub to securely exchange and store customer information, making sure it’s not shared with third parties.

We cover the whole customer journey for crypto

Build end-to-end verification for the whole customer lifecycle. Make all necessary KYC checks, conduct ongoing monitoring and orchestrate the whole verification process.

Stay on top of changes in the industry

Join a community of crypto leaders. Our clients get exclusive product testing opportunities and in-depth compliance assistance on all the latest crypto regulations.

Easily integrate using API

Integrate via API without worrying about interruptions with 99.996% uptime.

See our Travel Rule solution in action

Getting started is really easy! Get in touch with us and we’ll help you comply with the Travel Rule and cover all your verification and monitoring needs.