Document-free verification

Onboard users with 1click, no documents needed

No more document scans required for verification! Onboard 2 billion+ users by verifying them near-instantly through government databases

Boost pass rates

Lower your entry threshold. Allow users get verified at any moment, even if they don’t have documents at hand

Speed up onboarding

Minimize user steps. Simply ask them to insert their ID number and smile into the camera, Sumsub does the rest

Stay fraud-free

Protect against bad actors. Sumsub verifies every user via databases and double-checks them with liveness

No documents, just 1click

Give your users the power to pass verification in the way they're used to, with just their ID number


Step 1


The user enters their ID number

Step 2


Then, they undergo an instant liveness check

Step 3


Sumsub cross-checks the information, pulling all available data from government databases

Step 4


Verification is complete!

Unlock the power of
document-free verification

  • Welcome more clients by adapting to local markets

    Some countries are struggling with non-standardized IDs, while others are moving from paper to digital IDs. Overcome regional differences with a simple verification method that doesn’t require uploading IDs at all

    Welcome more clients by adapting to local markets
  • Forget about fraud with highly secure checks

    Government databases contain already verified users. However, for higher security, we double-check the user's identity with an instant liveness check

  • Pick the highest-performing flow for each user

    Build custom verification flows to boost pass rates. Our Workflow Builder helps you to set up document-free flows for chosen user segments, and add document-based checks if required

  • Get more user data in less time

    1click verification pulls more data than documents usually contain. Get more user data in 4.5 seconds on average vs. 50 seconds with a document-based flow

  • Stay on top of compliance changes

    Our compliance team is constantly monitoring regulations around the world, so even the slightest changes in AML laws are instantly reflected in our 1click solution

Start onboarding with 1click

Get in touch to see how document-free verification works. The barriers between global clients and your business can vanish today!


  • What is a non-documentary verification?

    Non-documentary verification enables verifying customer identities without requesting their IDs. This verification type is based on customer data verification through public data sources. The customer enters some of their data, such as their identification number, and the verification provider cross-checks it via secure government databases.

  • What is an example of non-documentary verification?

    An example of non-documentary verification is Sumsub’s 1click onboarding solution, which allows companies to onboard users in 4.5 seconds on average by verifying identification numbers through governmental databases.

  • When can the non-documentary method of customer information verification be used?

    A non-documentary identity verification method can be used for online customer verification in countries with secure databases. This verification type can be used to significantly speed up user onboarding and increase pass rates, since users only need to provide their identification number

  • Documentary vs non-documentary verification: what is the difference?

    Documentary verification is based on validating customer identity documents such as IDs, passports, driving licenses, and more. A non-documentary method of verifying identity doesn’t require users to upload their documents, and instead uses their identification numbers to cross–check through public databases.