Phone number & Email verification

Validate email addresses & phone numbers to keep fake accounts out

Detect fake accounts early on by ensuring that email addresses and phone numbers belong to real people

Don’t waste time on fake accounts

Pre-screen users before any identity verification checks

Decrease drop-offs with easy sign-ups

Register users fast, request more checks later

Stop fraud in seconds

Detect fakes and bots while allowing real users easy entry

See how our verification works

Verify users by sending verification codes to their phone or email. This feature embeds seamlessly into user flow

See how our verification works
See how our verification works

Secure every step of the customer journey

Orchestrate the verification flow according to your needs, code-free. Start using email and telephone number verification at onboarding or any other stage of the customer journey to enhance protection

Easily integrate using our SDK

Integrate via our Web and Mobile SDK without worrying about interruptions with 99.996% uptime


Don’t take our word for it.
Here’s what our clients have to say

Daria Dubinina
Daria Dubinina

CEO & Co-founder at Crassula

We were very happy from the start. The integration went quickly and effortlessly. Then, we saw how good the support was. If there was a request for, let’s say, ‘stronger security measures’, Sumsub was quick to take care of that. It showed us very effective communication.

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