Release notes

November 2022

Workflow Builder

Sumsub Workflow Builder, a customization tool for any user or use case

Build custom workflows for different countries based on specific local requirements. Offer document-free verification where possible or add additional checks in high-risk countries.

Database Verification

Asia Verify registry check is live

This will help companies automatically verify business counterparties in Asia via Sumsub's Auto KYB.
This registry check is available in the following countries:
Hong Kong
and also New Zealand

October 2022

Database Verification

Sumsub can accept digital driving licences in Brazil

Now we can accept digital licenses with a further cross-check of the data through the SERPRO database. This will increase our clients' pass rates in Brazil even more.

September 2022

Transaction Monitoring

We’re thrilled to launch a new transaction monitoring product that makes Sumsub a truly all-in-one platform for securing the whole user journey

With Sumsub's brand-new transaction monitoring solution, you can:
1. Easily define your risk strategy with 300+ ready-to-use scenarios or create custom rules from scratch
2. Block suspicious activity once our system detects any red flags you set
3. Investigate and manage cases right in the Sumsub dashboard


Level settings updated

We’ve moved applicant actions settings to level settings. This will improve the user experience and enable even more customization.

Database Verification

India is now available for ID-free verification

With India added to the list, Sumsub can now seamlessly verify over 2 billion people using their ID number and Liveness. As a client, you can choose which type of verification you prefer: document-based or registry-based.

Video Identification

Video Identification has been revamped:

  • Sumsub’s Video Identification is now compliant with all BaFin requirements.
  • Video Identification is now available in the MobileSDK.
  • We’ve also launched a dynamic queue, which means that applicants will always know how long they have to wait during onboarding spikes.

August 2022


Level settings updates

We pushed some global settings down to level settings to embrace even more customization. For instance, this will allow to accept PoI as PoA for specific countries or for certain levels.

Mobile SDK

A small but very simpatico announcement: Italian has been added to the MobileSDK


Onboard half a billion users without requesting their ID documents

Introducing the first-ever paperless verification for Brazil and Indonesia. Onboard users faster by requesting just their ID number. After confirming the user's identity with a quick liveness check, we'll automatically extract all the details from government databases and verify the user.
More countries are on the way!


Now you can plug AML provider account right into the Sumsub Compliance Cockpit

Insert your API keys from WorldCheck or ComplyAdvantage directly into the dashboard, and Sumsub will start performing AML checks through your account.

July 2022


Verification via BVN. First-ever paperless verification for Nigeria

No more need to ask Nigerian users for their documents. Now, all that’s needed for verification is their surname, BVN number, and liveness.


Background checks for US citizens - No more fishy users inside your platform

With Sumsub, it’s now easier than ever to see if applicants have outstanding or past bankruptcies, liens, judgments, foreclosures, or criminal history.


Sumsub became the first regulated Compliance-as-a-Service provider

Businesses can benefit from this service in two main ways. First, Sumsub offers consultation support on AML policies and regulatory specifics. Second, you can outsource all compliance tasks to Sumsub, taking full advantage of our AI-powered antifraud software and full-time compliance assistance.

June 2022

Database Verification

It’s official! Sumsub now does SSN checks in the USA

Sumsub can ensure that US applicants’ Social Security Numbers (SSNs) match their name and surname. Staying compliant in the US has never been easier.

Proof of Address

PoA via geolocation is fully available

Now it is possible to skip the tedious process of verifying proof of address documents by using a GPS-based approach. This will bring down verification time even further while streamlining onboarding for applicants.

SOC 2 Type 1

We’re happy to announce that Sumsub has received a SOC 2 Type 1 report, underscoring our commitment to information security and privacy.

May 2022


Sumsub has completed integration with Salesforce and is now available on AppExchange

The integration empowers Salesforce clients to provide users with an enhanced customer experience. No more switching between tabs—now KYC can be passed right in Salesforce.

Database Verification

Indian ID cards are available for additional validation through local sources

Use local databases to validate even more documents worldwide.

April 2022

Database Verification

Now we can securely verify TINs

It’s now possible to verify TINs (Taxpayer identification numbers) in the United States and all EU countries. We’re constantly adding new countries to this functionality and will soon cover the whole globe.

Database Verification

More local sources in Latin America and in other regions

Now we can validate even more documents from the LATAM region. Add an additional layer of security with our updated list of local databases:

Colombia: ID, Driver’s License, Passport
Peru: ID, Passport
Сhile: ID, Residence Permit, Passport
Mexico: Driver’s License, Residence Permit, Passport
Argentina: ID, Residence Permit
Ecuador: ID, Driver’s License, Passport
Salvador: ID, Driver’s License
Venezuela: Driver’s License, Passport
Bolivia: ID
Costa Rica: ID, Driver’s License, Passport
Dominican Republic: ID, Passport
Guatemala: ID, Driver’s License
Panama: ID, Passport
Mexico: CURP validity check
Venezuela: ID

Conduct even more validation checks using local sources in other regions:

South Africa: ID, Passport
Turkey: ID, Driver’s License, Passport
Italy: ID, Driver’s License, Passport
India: ID
Uzbekistan: ID card, Passport
Zambia: ID card, Driver’s License, Passport
Kuwait: ID card, Passport


The Sumsub Dashboard is now available in 🇧🇷Brazilian Portuguese

In addition to English and Spanish, Sumsub’s Compliance Cockpit is now available in Brazilian Portuguese. This is yet another step in Sumsub’s growing leadership in the LATAM region. To turn the new language on, simply use the switch in the top-right corner of your dashboard.

March 2022


Better control over your verification processes with production-only levels

Production-only levels can be viewed and moderated only in production mode. That gives extra protection against any unnecessary changes implemented by users with Sandbox-only access.

Business verification

Custom Fields for any additional information you require during the KYB process

Required info can vary by jurisdiction. Now you can ask for any specific information you need, regardless of jurisdiction, by using the new Custom Fields option.

Database Verification

Welcome more new users from Latin America

We are constantly working on adding reliable sources to validate documents. For the documents listed below, you can now add an additional security layer with our updated list of sources.

Brazil CPF
Argentina ID
Venezuela ID

More are coming!

Proof of Address

New level of address verification. Define rules based on document subtypes

Now you can not only verify addresses, but also see what document subtype was submitted. You can decide which PoA subtypes you want to accept, based on your regulator’s requirements and internal risk policies.

February 2022

Business verification

Sumsub’s all-in-one Know Your Business (KYB) verification solution is now fully available

KYB verification has never been this easy.
We've been working hard on improving our KYB product by enhancing user navigation, improving KYC for beneficiaries, and revamping the order of steps and levels during the business verification process.

What’s changed

  • Separate creation processes for KYB/KYC levels and applicants
  • Full history of registry checks available for viewing
  • Сompany and applicant data tabs merged
  • "Other" document type available for corporate docs
  • “Nature of Business” field added in company information
  • Exact percentage of ownership and other custom fields can be specified for beneficiaries
  • Required documents shown in the applicant's card
  • Link to KYC verification displayed more clearly in the KYB interface
  • Improved document selector
  • Company and beneficiary names shown in the KYC application form
  • Company and beneficiary verification statuses added to pending screen.

Meet Unilinks

Before, verification links (so-called ‘permalinks’) were generated for each applicant and could be used only once. Unilink is a verification link that can be used for many applicants at the same time. Sumsub also provides a QR code for each Unilink that can be embedded for global use.


Risk Scoring for Questionnaires

We are happy to introduce a risk scoring system for our Questionnaires. This new feature will automatically calculate risk scores based on the applicant’s answers.

Mobile SDK

Questionnaires are now available on the Mobile SDK

Send any questions to your applicants with a user-friendly widget, now available for Mobile SDK. Users can also use the questionnaires to attach any documents that you may request.


Dashboard notifications are up and running

Stay informed on your account, track your verification process, and be the first to hear about product updates—all thanks to Sumsub’s new notification system, which is now built into the top, right-hand corner of the Dashboard.

January 2022

Mobile SDK

NFC verification is available now

NFC verification offers an additional layer of protection by ensuring that applicants keep their original documents in hand.
How can you enable NFC verification for your customers?
We’ll automatically add this feature to the new Mobile SDK version. All you have to do is an update. Get in touch with us to enable this option for your account.

Not using the mobile version yet?
Download the demo app in the AppStore and Google Play.


Redesigned banners

We’ve redesigned dashboard banners to make controlling your verification process even more convenient.

Status Page

The Sumsub status page is up and running

Now you can track Sumsub uptime and ensure that everything is running smoothly. All upcoming maintenance will also be announced on this page.

December 2021


We've added new graphs to your account

We’re continuing to release custom graphs with rejection/resubmission reasons for all customers. Get additional insights about your customers with these new features. All the graphs you need can be found in the Statistics and Analytics sections.

Mobile SDK

6 new languages for applicants in MobileSDK

We’re happy to inform you that we now have 6 more languages for applicants in the Mobile SDK:

Portuguese (Brazilian)

We will continue adding new languages for applicants to maintain high pass rates worldwide, so stay tuned.

Not using the mobile version yet?
Download the demo app in the AppStore and Google Play.

Help Center

A huge update to our Help Center is here

Welcome to the brand-new Help Center! We've fully reworked it for easier navigation, better design, and enhanced user experience. The updated version is now up and running, and we’re excited to see what you think. It's available by clicking "Help" in the top right corner of the Dashboard.


Sandbox-only access for the roles you need

We added the possibility to give Sandbox-only access to specific roles in the dashboard. This feature can be useful for developers and other team members who don’t need access to production mode. Plus, you'll enjoy even greater safety and compliance by limiting who gets access to personal data.

Mobile SDK version 1.18.3 is fully available now

Here’s a reminder of some of the key updates:

  • More opportunities to enhance your flow, including streamlined email and phone number verification.
  • Added ability to provide the applicant’s email and phone at the initialization stage.

November 2021


Self-Service Registration

We are introducing a new Self-Service option. Anyone can sign up for Sumsub, build the integration, and start verifying users on their own. This option is available on our Pricing page; just click “Sign up” on the top right corner.


New Name Comparison Settings

We’ve introduced two new name comparison options:
Containment – this check is carried out by separating a name (for example: John Smith) into its component parts: “John” and “Smith.” These components are then used to determine whether a name matches,
Fuzzy containment – this check operates by the same principle as Containment, but uses a ‘fuzzier’ algorithm that tolerates a wider range of differences in how names are written. It also tolerates transposition in component parts.


Homepage Revamp

We’re doing our best to help clients keep up with crucial stats. Now you can access the main performance charts right from the homepage. This includes Applicants Reviewed, Median Check Time, Reject Labels, and more.

Mobile SDK

The new version of the Mobile SDK

We’ve made a couple of important changes to our Mobile SDK. More opportunities to enhance your flow, including streamlined email and mobile number verification.

October 2021


Say hello to the Sandbox view

We’re replacing the test environment with a Sandbox view, which makes going to Production and moving between views much easier. Now, there’s no more separate URLs and double logins. All you have to do is to click a simple Sandbox/Production switch. Please note that you cannot conduct any real checks in the Sandbox view.


Dashboard URL Change

The Sumsub Dashboard is moving to a new URL: This will give you full control over the verification procedure and access to analytics data. The URL change will occur automatically and will NOT affect your API integration in any way. WebSDK permalinks are moving to a new URL as well:

New Email Design

Emails sent to applicants from the Sumsub dashboard have been optimized for higher click rates and a better user experience. Among other things, the new emails feature an improved design, clear CTA buttons, and more concise texts.


Sumsub Dashboard – now in Spanish 🇪🇸

Do you have operators who are native Spanish speakers? Make their work easier by switching the Sumsub Dashboard to Spanish. All they need to do is to select ‘Spanish’ in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard by clicking on the 🌐 button.


Revamped homepage for the Sumsub dashboard

Now you can see the main performance charts right on the homepage, including Applicants Reviewed, Median Check Time, Reject Labels, and more. This way, you can start your work with a quick check-up on statistics.


Sumsub launches a self-service version of its product

To get started, all you have to do is sign up, set up the integration, build a level, and begin verifying users. This option works best for small and growing businesses that verify less than 1000 users/month with basic KYC. Check out our available pricing plans.

September 2021


Levels and Customizations release

A new, more secure system is here to replace the old levels and flows. Now, building a smooth verification process is much easier – you just need one level to go live. Later, you will be able to tailor what your users see at every verification step to your liking. You may configure customizations once per SDK type, and attach them to as many levels as you want.


Name transliteration

Now, you can see the applicant’s name in its Latin transliteration, regardless of the document’s language. This has been done to streamline your interaction with customers across the globe.

Webhook headers

Distinguishing and personalizing webhooks is easier than ever! Add the header names and values that our service will send webhooks with.

Database verification

Improved NiN verification for applicants from Nigeria

Working with applicants from Nigeria is now even easier. Before, users needed to provide an additional document to supplement their NiN (Nigerian Identification Number Slip). This was bringing down conversion rates as NiN is one of the most popular documents in Nigeria. Now, we have a reliable source that allows Sumsub to validate NiNs alone without requesting any extra docs.

August 2021

Video Identification

Video Identification – now with email/phone verification and custom questionnaires

Do you want video identification to be even more secure? Check the validity of customer contact info by adding their email and phone number to the verification level. That’s not all. Request any additional information or files by adding a custom questionnaire to your video identification process.


Personal notes to AML matches

Do you need to make your compliance routine more efficient? Create and share notes on matches found during AML screening. You can check them at any time in the dashboard or applicant summary.

Introducing additional features for webhook settings

  • Choose if you want to resend a failed webhook or not.
  • Set up a sourceKey parameter, and the webhook will only trigger if the applicant’s sourceKey matches it.
  • Attach multiple events to a single endpoint.
Mobile SDK

Mobile SDK Version 1.18. Custom themes for your app

Now you can set up your fonts, colors and styles just once, automatically applying them throughout the whole application. Learn how to build your first theme for Android and iOS. Not using our Mobile SDK yet? Check it out now in the AppStore and Google Play.

July 2021


A new permission system for your team members

Now you don’t need to set up permissions for each account; simply assign roles to all your team members with explicit names and exact permissions. Our new permission system also lets you tailor Sumsub to your business. For instance, you can create custom roles (like “compliance team” or “technical support”) based on your specific company structure. For your existing accounts, the roles will be assigned automatically—so you don’t have to change a thing. And if you add any new accounts, you can easily select a role or create a new one.


Live chat in the dashboard

Any customer can contact our Technical Support Team right from the dashboard for a live consultation.

Mobile SDK

The Sumsub mobile app is live

Check it out now at the AppStore and Google Play.

June 2021


Custom files for questionnaires

Now you can attach custom files to questionnaires, such as tax declarations or special agreements, directly through Sumsub’s SDK.


Improvements to the Sandbox Environment

The sandbox environment now displays a note confirming that no real checks are being performed to eliminate any possible confusion.


Change OCR constructor settings in bulk

Now you can adjust countries, document types, OCR fields, and MRZ modes all in a single click. This can be done by opening the preset window (see screenshot above) and clicking “manage document fields”. The default parameters can be reverted to at any time by clicking “reset to default settings”.


Redesigned moderation buttons

The redesigned buttons make our interface easier to navigate, even for first-time users.
What’s changed:

  • There’s an explanation of how buttons are color-coded
  • You can clearly see if a button is pressed or not
  • We’ve added tooltips for each button, giving you an instant look at important details
  • You can see how many buttons are pressed in each category

Photo Geolocation is available on the map

The ‘show map’ functionality lets moderators see where pictures were taken and uploaded.


Applicant cross-check comparison settings can now be adjusted

You can set how strictly applicants’ stated names are compared with what’s written on their uploaded documents.

  • Default – the most robust in most cases. Skips rank mismatches (Dr, Mr, etc.), expects possible abbreviations, but does not allow spelling errors.
  • Fuzzy – allows a certain amount of difference, you can control the threshold yourself.
  • Strict – requires exact match including middle names.

May 2021


Streamlined approach to branding

All paid branding features are now located in the ‘Branding’ tab of your profile settings. From there you can set up your own branding on WebSDK and email notifications, such as logos, texts, css and external links to your domain.

Google Play/TestFlight

Sumsub – KYC/AML and Identity Verification App

Sumsub applications for Android and iOs are now available for public testing. Feel free to try them out at for iOs and – for Android

April 2021

Mobile SDK

Skipping verification screens

We added functionality for simplifying verification flows, allowing certain screens to be skipped. This is another way to match the Sumsub interface to your website.

Mobile SDK

Document requirements tips

Short tips for users that help upload specific document types.

March 2021

Mobile SDK

Streamlined document and country selection

A drop-down menu where applicants can choose their document types and the issuing country.

Mobile SDK

Country and document type selector switch

Customers can disable selecting identity document types and countries of issue for certain verification levels.

Global settings

AML screening levels

Customers can adjust PEP levels and select the specific crimes applicants are screened for in accordance with their risk policies.


Email and phone number validation

The results of email and phone number verification are available for review.


Modular approach

Customers using the API integration can match Sumsub’s interface to their website design.

Mobile SDK and Web SDK

Unified Customization

Customers can change the verification interface in mobile and web SDK and all plugins in the same way.


Account details section

An ‘account details’ section has been added where you can keep information about your business which is automatically used in the Data Processing Agreement.

February 2021

Operators panel

Authenticity warnings

To make things more convenient for operators, the system displays short notes highlighting issues related to photos with low digital trust scores.